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Tony and Jessica Born

"Thanks. You did an amazing job. We really appreciate all the hard work you did that night. We are really excited to see all the amazing shots we know you got. We have your cards, and will be passing your name along to a few people we know are getting married soon. Some were there and liked how you worked. So Thank You Again for all your efforts. Tony and Jessica Born ...Married 8-29-2015

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pecen Summer 2015 Wedding

To Whom it may concern... They (Fly On The Wall Photography) were wonderful Photographers and we were very happy and satisfied that they were recommended to us. They were very Professional and personable, with great ideas. Many of our guests called out to us about how wonderful and interactive they were. We loved the moments they caught when people were just being themselves (Photo Bombs). We would Highly Recommend them to any of our friends and/or family members. Thanks... Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pecen

The Shante and Elliot Griggs Wedding...10-3-2015

Shante Griggs texted FOTWP... Hello. Thank you for your timely turn around of our photos. I apologize for such a delayed response as I have been under the weather since the big day. I will certainly be in contact with you once I have regained my strength. The pictures are lovely and took me to a beautiful place on a memorial day for us just by viewing them. Wonderful Product! Sent at 6:32 PM Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Shante Griggs Testimony...10-7-2015

Fly On The Wall Photography captured our very special day with style, class and flare. The crew was very professional and attentive to my husband and I. My wedding day is a blur in memory, but after viewing the breathtaking photos, I am able to relive the happiest day of my life over and over. I am inspired to view these photos especially in times of marital hardship because they are a wonderful reminder of the love my husband and I both have and always have had for one another. S. Griggs 7:05 pm Wednesday, October 7th, 2015... Married...Saturday October 3rd, 2015 at Holy Name Cathedral...Downtown, Chicago IL.

Wendy Evans...9:11 AM Thursday 10-8-2015

YESSSSS! Awesome Photos!!! Most Beautiful Job ever! Beauty is in The Eye Of The Photographer!!!

Testimonial Of A 20 Year Professional Wedding and Event Planner...

Beauty is in the eye of The Photographer!! You know you have a Phenomenal Photographer when He is able to take your simple Wedding moments and create a High End Celebrity Client Gallery with Multiple Albums. No Matter what your Wedding Budget is, You will have an Excellent Final Product! I, Wendy Evans, am a Professional Wedding and Event Planner of more than 20 Years. I've created Events out of a simple basement settings through Televised Celebrity Events. After hiring..."Fly On The Wall Photography," I am now Permanently and Officially hiring this Company (FOTWP) for all my Professional Events! ESPECIALLY MY WEDDINGS! This Company was able to capture scenes and moments that spiraled into what appears to be "Trillion Dollar Photography Sets"! When one is able to capture scattered moments, place them into categories, and allow His Clients to Navigate, View and Effortlessly Enjoy their Gallery, with Multiple Albums...Then this is The Photographer for Your Special Day! This Company (FOTWP) does not just take pictures, but they Capture The Moments..It is apparent The Experience ended, but in a few short days...We received an Absolutely Flawless Final Product! Many times the Bride and Groom are unsure of what they desire in photos, However, This Company is able to deliver a Mind Blowing Final Product! I am 100% pleased with each moment Captured through Photography. I will Hire this Vendor throughout Eternity. We appreciate you (Dwayne Luckett) for being able to keep Our Bride and Grooms mouths wide open and their eyes stuck on their Photos for hours! Dwayne, You are an Artist and we are quite AMAZED at Your Work!!! Thanks a bunch! Wendy Evans, Professional Wedding and Event Planner...Sent 10:01 AM Thursday..October 8th, 2015

The Wing-Itz Concert Shoot!

Dwayne Luckett, our Photographer from Fly On The Wall Photography exceeded my expectations when Shooting our Live Performance...He made our band, The Wing-Itz look and feel like Rockstars! He also took time to include our audience and Fans! He captured great moments with his candid Shots...I would recommend Dwayne at Fly On The Wall Photography to any Bands out there looking for Professional Photos for their Portfolio. Kathy Solesky, Lead Singer of The Wing-Itz. 12-7-2015

The Wing-Itz Concert Shoot!

Fly On The Wall Photography sure did capture the essence of a Live was a fun experience be Photographed. Mike Marzillo...Drummer/ The Wing-Itz! 12-8-2015

The Wing-Itz Concert Shoot!

Dwayne, You captured it baby! Really nice work. Thanks for coming out and doing such a Splendid Job! Paul Grigonis, Bass Player...The Wing-Itz... 12-9-2015

11-28-2016 Danielle N. Review... Milwaukee, Wi.

11/28/2016 I love Fly On The Wall Photography. Dwayne, The Owner, went above and beyond. He actually helped me to persuade my now husband, how important pictures were for our Wedding Day. I love the Photographer that took our pictures. I literally cried when I saw My Wedding pictures, he did all the pictures I wanted and more. I would definitely recommend this Photography Studio if you want to have your expectations EXCEEDED.

11-2-2016 Terrence R. Review Park Forest, IL.

11/2/2016 Hello my name is Terrance, my wife and I used Fly On The Wall Photography for Our Wedding on October 16th 2016, and oh My God...Absolutely Amazing, Five Stars, is Truly Not Enough! If you need any Type of Professional Photography, trust me, this is the man for the job! When We viewed the Photos Online, it was like Our Wedding was a Story Book, he got pictures that We would never have thought of! God bless anyone considering This Studio. Have a Great Wedding Day.... Ten stars for me, Thank You... Fly On The Wall Photography!

9-29-2016 Adam S. Review Aurora Il.

9/29/2016 Wow! Where do I start. As someone who has been exposed to Professional Photography in the past with a small business I helped run, I am able to maybe appreciate the work of Dwayne on a different level. First impressions they say are everything and when I saw what is probably $15,000 hanging from his neck in cameras and lens' I knew this gentlemen was about his business. Of course, anyone if they have the funds can purchase the equipment, but from the way Dwayne was switching out cameras and lens' for different shot selection I knew he not only had the gear but knew how to use it. But that is only the technical component. Photography is more than that. Great Photographers are Great Artists and Dwayne is in this league. The Wedding Day was fast moving as I'm sure it is for most people and Dwayne was able to quickly interpret what was going on and scan the area in order to capture the best pictures. He also gave us some wonderful ideas for scene selections when we went to Cantigny Park for outdoor photos and also helped us with little things like how to cut the cake for the best photo opportunity. And another thing. I would highly recommend the Red Carpet add-on. It gave us the opportunity to capture photos with all of our guests and also gave our guests the opportunity to get high quality family photos. We are so glad we purchased this. All in all, Dwayne is a Great Guy, Very Professional, and an Exceptional Photographer. We were so blessed to have him as Our Photographer and would not hesitate to use him again! Thank you Dwayne!

7-20-2016 R. D. Review... Waukegan, IL.

7/20/2016 I had My Wedding Pictures "Produced", yes, I said produced!!! The entire Photo Shoot was like a Fairy Tale Production!!! ALL of the Photographs are DIVINE. I will NEVER EVER use another Photographer!!!! Dwayne and his Crew are Visionaries in their own right. I'd even say He is a Mind Reader, Lol, because My Pictures are Everything I hoped for and more!!! No need to look any further ~Fly On The Wall Photography= Pinnacle!!!